Happy National Taco Day!! We obviously are taking the opportunity to celebrate accordingly, but we are doing it at home as we are hosting Scott’s parents for a dinner/movie night at Fox Cross. Scott found a great recipe for Taco Bake, so we’re heading into the kitchen in a few minutes to dazzle them with our culinary prowess (insert MAJOR sarcasm…) Prowess, maybe not. But tacos? Absolutely.


But if you find yourself in a pickle tonight and you didn’t get your share of tacos last night for Taco Tuesday, here are a couple of the best tacos we’ve had:

Mariachi De Oro:   Our love RUNS deep for this Medina, NY gem. Just please tell me you order a bowl of the tableside guacamole because it is the best thing on the menu. So much love for the guac. 


Casa Azul:  The tacos were hands down the best plate on our table, and the only problem you’ll have is deciding which taco to order! We are dying to head back, and I vow to give the cricket-guacamole another shot. 


El Centro: Hello friends from DC! Make your way to one of the El Centro locations for some of our faves in the DMV. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to call an uber and land right on 14th street. Maybe if I click my heels 3 times…


And honorable mention, because they are only open on the weekends….

Monte Alban Taco Truck: If you are driving through Medina on 31 on the weekend and DON’T stop at this taco truck just outside of Medina, you are crazy. One of my biggest guilty pleasures, the tacos at this stand will blow your mind. 


Ok, now we need your input: where should we be experiencing the latest taco sensation in WNY?? 

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    1. HOLY MOLY that street corn makes me wanna hop a flight to an El Centro. wow.

    1. HOLY MOLY that street corn makes me wanna hop a flight to an El Centro. wow.

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