Leave the City For a Weekend to Visit Medina, NY

Alix and I’ve been daydreaming a lot about our next trip. Where that next adventure will take us seems to be the big question. While we always think about the beach, especially when it’s cold and rainy, we do like the idea of exploring. Good food, history, and something memorable have to be included. And though we dream of getting a little lost in an unknown place, I have to admit that all of those things can be found right here in Medina.

Small towns are often overlooked as vacation destinations, but if you only have a night or two they might be perfect. As we think about our own weekend excursions, I implore everyone else to come spend a night in Medina, NY. Sure – it’s small. There aren’t a dozen new restaurant openings, or even a giant venue in which to get lost. But when I think about that good food, history, and a memorable experience, our hometown checks all the boxes.


WHERE TO STAY: We don’t have a Marriott, but you will have options for your stay. Our experience in boutique hotels always seem to offer a small taste of history with something unique. In Medina, that stay involves the Hart House Hotel and a series of suites named after former clients of the building’s shirt factory. Every small town needs a couple bed and breakfasts, and Medina has those too.

Scott’s 33rd birthday at Hart House Hotel

WHERE TO EAT: This might be where a quiet resurgence is occurring. Zambistro should be a household name, Mariachi de Oro continues to receive praise, and Fitzgibbons Public House is one of the more recent openings. In addition to these three locations, you can find pizza, subs, sandwiches, diners, and a couple hidden gems just off the beaten path.

Tuna Package at Zambistro
Guacamole at Mariachi

WHERE TO DRINK: When you’re done with dinner, it’s time for a drink. If you’re staying at Hart House Hotel you’ve already walked by 810 Meadworks. A slightly secluded bar is the ideal place to experience several different variations of mead. While during warmer months, their back area The Bee Garten is the ideal outdoor venue. If you’re just thinking about beer, Fitzgibbons Public House is where you’ll be heading. They have your traditional pub favorites while always making sure to highlight some local brews. If wine is your fancy, Leonard Oakes is only a couple miles outside of town. You can do a tasting and grab a bottle to bring back to your room.

810 Meadworks

WHERE TO SHOP: The next morning you should get lost wandering around town. Grab a coffee at the Shirt Factory Cafe and  wander the shops. Ellen J. Goods, Lily and a Sparrow, Ashlee’s Place, The English Rose Tea Shoppe, Della’s Chocolate, Blissett’s, Brushstrokes, The Bread Basket, and The Book Shoppe are only a few of the stops you should make. After all of this, Meggie Moo’s and Double Dips offer the ice cream you’ll want to enjoy as you walk along the Erie Canal.


Small towns across the country are full of hidden gems but are often passed by for the more noteworthy cities. While they don’t get the press attention of other destinations, that doesn’t mean they’re any less deserving of your next weekend getaway.

Make plans to visit Medina, NY and let us know when you’re here!



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    1. Enjoyed your post – just one correction – it’s DELLA’s Chocolates – probably spell check messed you up!! Keep the great publicity coming – Medina certainly is deserving.

      1. Thank you so much Mary! Indeed a horrible autocorrect – we love Della’s! We appreciate the note :) -Al

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