Friday Minutes: Heading Into The Weekend With Love

There’s certainly been plenty to read over the last week. NFL Pro Bowl and Super Bowl articles, the Dow reached 20K, and of course some occasional political commentary on the new administration. With all of those articles, there’s also been plenty to take notice of in the blogger world.

Here’s a look at some of things that caught our attention:

The weather has been cold, which is the perfect excuse for another cup of coffee. A Sip of the City does a great job of pointing her readers in the right direction, and doesn’t fail with her latest post.

The Buffalo News provided a review of the Grange Community Kitchen, and after our recent trip we have to agree.  

Are you expecting in the next couple of months or later this year? The Buffalovebirds have created the essential playlist for your baby shower.

Have you been to Allentown, lately? Donnie, behind Buffalo Eats penned a piece for Visit Buffalo Niagara on the places you need to visit.

Have you ever had a Pennant hanging in your room, office, or buried in a box? Even if the answer is now, this piece from Yeah! Buffalo is one you should catch.

It’ll be OK. Yelp Buffalo recognizes the cold weather and has a list of places in WNY that you can cozy up by a fire.

Showcasing the handmade businesses of talented moms is just one of the many reasons you should be reading Buffalo Moms. Take a look at this recent piece, and let me know if you’re ready to try.

Morning Glory may have peaked our interest with her recap of a floral class. What do you think, interested?

The news is great, but sometimes we should really step back away from our computers and open a good book. Thank you Jessica, at Tracing Paper, for these recommendations.

It’s red wine weather, but our interest was piqued this week with the Nittany Epicurean and the 2013 Hazlitt Chardonnay.

Anything on your calendar for tomorrow night? Nickel City Pretty convinces you why you should attend the Buffalo Black Book Release Party!

Happy Friday all! Hope you have a cozy weekend.

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