Happy Birthday, Scott!! (and ones you DIDN’T see…)

Early this morning, at approximately 12:00 AM – I leaned over and wished my guy a happy birthday.

central-20Well, I cheated. I watched my clock for two full minutes before December 1st arrived officially, making Scott 33 years old.

Last year, I listed 32 reasons that this man lights up my life. This year, I am going to give you pictures of this past year that demonstrate just how much fun and joy he brings to everyone who knows him. Hence, the ones you DIDN’T see on the blog, though they may have graced some of our other social media channels (and I’ve already been reminded that he has an arsenal of photos of me in his personal vault, so I’m limited to the non-blackmail type of pictures….):

img_6128 img_5454 img_5270 img_4912 ivanfall-1 redhen-3 redhen-47 scottandjack-1 untitled-4 untitled-22 vdayweekend-1 untitled-47 untitled-71 untitled-123 untitled-141 img_6114 img_5837 img_4527 img_5865

And a few of my all time favorites, thrown in for good measure:

stormjonas9-4 bistroroyale-3 View More: http://michal-kathryn.pass.us/dcminute View More: http://michal-kathryn.pass.us/dcminute springideas-1 DCEngagement2-16 DCengagement-14 JackRoseTiki-4 derbyinDC-4 DCengagement3-45 BOE-13 Stanton&Greene-17 firstdays-11 aleinautumn-49 dctrip1-9 dctrip1-3 xplorpark-26 img_5462

Scott, I have officially known you for 21 years, but loving you for the past 4 has changed my world. We keep saying each year is going to be better, but honestly, the things we have already planned for your 33rd year truly make it the best year ever. Happy Birthday, love!!

Oh, and Scott has NO idea what I have planned for the rest of his birthday. He has vowed to keep away from our Instagram Stories while I document my entire scheme…. Follow my birthday madness there :)

Help me make his birthday one he won’t forget – go show Scott a little birthday love on our Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. He won’t mind ;)

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