Friday Minutes

Friday Minutes: Reading to Avoid Politics

Thank you! Thank you to everyone not writing solely political posts. It’s not that we both haven’t been paying attention to every poll and article about the candidates, but we need an escape. Also, thank you to the Chicago Cubs, as they’ve helped to change the dynamic of the news over the last week.


With this being one of our favorite times of year, we’ve loved reading all that you have to share. Here are some of our favorite recaps and stories compiled into Friday Minutes.

As we continue to explore Western New York, we’ve realized we need to spend more time in Rochester. Here’s a great look at some of the new features of the city in the Rochesteriat.

Do you “like” Wegmans or are you over-the-moon obsessed? Here’s a great and hilarious list to help you determine the answer.

Speaking of reasons we’ve spent so much time in Buffalo, thanks to Andrew Galarneau at the Buffalo News we’ve got one more reason to add. These burgers look amazing!

As Alix has been enjoying some home renovations of her own, we love checking out what others are working on. Take a look at this Buffalo Blogger, and how her bedroom re-do is going.

Since moving back to Western New York I’ve loved reading Yeah! Buffalo and the interviews about those behind the scenes of progress. Here’s one of their latest with a look at those behind Journey’s End Refugee Services.

How do you feel about getting a psychic reading?  Jessica Trace shares her experience –does it change your opinion? 

Will anyone ever figure out the Instagram algorithm? This group of DC Bloggers is going to try! The Washingtonian has the scoop.

Miracle on 7th Street is actually a thing, and if you’re going to be in DC over the holidays you have to go! We’re thrilled to be there for a couple nights in December. Johnna has all the details…

Drink all the bubbles you want, because Champagne Week is coming to Washington, DC! For those not in DC, we’re going to be looking for ways to celebrate too!

There you have it! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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