Friday Minutes

Friday Minutes: It’s National Guacamole Day!

Happy National Guacamole Day! Take a look at our guide from last year, if you’re celebrating the day in Washington, DC. Tonight, you might find us at a local restaurant with guacamole in hand. Where would you recommend going?

Friday Minutes is obviously a pun, but just like minutes from a meeting, we will condense our favorite articles and blog posts from the week that we feel are worth sharing. You’ll be able to sift through and find great reviews, things to do, and ideas for fabulous romantic or family dates. It truly allows us to share the best from the blogs we read every day, and hopefully you’ll find a few that will be added to your blogroll as well.

Speaking of blogroll – if you are a blogger in either the DMV or in Western New York, we are compiling a list to feature here on DC Minute. Make sure to leave a comment with your blog so we can add it!

Western New York Articles:

The smell of fall is in the air, and Rochester City Paper has just released their guide for the upcoming season!

The Democrat and Chronicle takes us down memory lane with a look at the National Toy Hall of Fame finalists.

The Public has us gearing up for theater season with this article.

Andrew at the Buffalo News has all pierogi fans getting excited for Buffalo Bills football.

Thank you Step Out Buffalo, I think you’ve got an event we can’t miss!

WNY Blogs:

The Nittany Epicurean makes a pretty good case for Hazlitt Vineyards.

Step Out Buffalo showcased their Insta Exhibit, and Nickel City Pretty has the inside look.

Washington, DC Area Articles:

With DC temperatures still lost in summer, the Washingtonian has a great piece on outdoor drinking in Shaw.

If you like reading and scavenger hunts, this DC event is perfect for you.

The Washington City Paper has released their Fall Arts and Entertainment Guide, and the spoiler is that it’s packed full of events.

If I was in Washington, DC I’d be rushing to the newly open National Museum of African American History and Culture, this weekend.

If you ever go out to eat or drink, you should read this article in the Washington Post about tipping.

DC Area Blogs:

Nevin Martell has a mouthwatering article in DC Refined. Read at your own risk.

We love the small farmers market in Medina, but Kacy at Bad Sentences has us missing Eastern Market.

Been There Eaten That says there is ‘no debate’ when it comes to the new menu at Policy.

Mens Life DC has all you need to know about the upcoming Oyster Riot 2016.

What did we miss?

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