New Fall Cocktail Menu to Debut at Aro Bar de Tapas

After an exceptional first trip to Aro Bar de Tapas last month, we are thrilled to report that our 2nd trip will come just in time to experience the brand new fall cocktail menu, debuting tomorrow, September 30th.

Aro Cocktails
Photo Credit: Aro Bar de Tapas

Two nights ago, Scott and I sat perched on stools at our favorite cocktail bar in the DC area and mused about how much we love inventive cocktail programs, and that our new territory in WNY has several worth mentioning. You can imagine our elation when we returned today to find that Aro is launching almost a dozen new cocktails for the fall.

Photo Credit: Aro Bar de Tapas

Several of the new cocktails are derived from some of our favorite classics, and I imagine Scott will first order the Iberico Old Fashioned 2.0, only to follow it up with the Granada Mule. However, I will promptly order the Ultraviolet. Because, you know, bubbles. 

To get a sneak peek at all the new cocktails and ingredients, visit Aro Bar de Tapas on Facebook.

With several changes in leadership over the past month, we are excited to see so many positive changes to what was an already solid menu. Check out the rest of their menu on Aro’s website, and then get thee to the bar! Doors open at 4PM for the bar, dinner service begins at 5.


Aro Bar de Tapas – 5415 Sheridan Drive, Amherst NY 14221 – reserve a table now!

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