SaturDATE: Canal Village Farmers’ Market, Medina NY

We vehemently believe that Saturday mornings are meant for markets. When we were in DC, we rarely missed a Saturday morning at the Alexandria Market or we’d venture into the district to enjoy a leisurely stroll at Eastern Market. Now that we are in Western New York, the land of fresh local produce and farmers we personally know, it’s equally enjoyable to visit the stands at the Canal Village Farmers’ Market in our hometown of Medina, NY.

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Granted – it’s small. But so is Medina, so having as many options as we do at the market is exciting. Though every weekend is slightly different with a rotating schedule of vendors, we have now been several times in the past month and have been pleased with how many people turn out to enjoy this local event.

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We have always been (and will always be) advocates of small business, and the Medina Market is all about building community, meeting locals and neighbors, and spending a few dollars to keep our farmers and businesses growing. If you are in the area, show your support by attending these last few weekends before it is closed for the season!

The Market is open through October 29th with special activities each Saturday – check out their Facebook page for more info!

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