Weekend Recap: First (and BUSY!) Weekend in WNY!

And here we thought our life might slow down when we got to the farm…

Our first weekend at home has been anticipated since the beginning of summer. Scott immediately claimed Friday as “Date Night”, but the rest of the weekend filled up in no time. In 3 days, we’ve already been to Buffalo 3 times, and now we need to carve out some time soon to head east to Rochester. However, we got dressed up and hit the road as soon as Scott finished work at 5, and took off down the Thruway for what will always be known as our First Date Night at home. 

We chose Buffalo Proper for a pre-dinner cocktail, and having been 2 years ago over Christmas Break, we were eager to see if we would love it after additional time and cocktail experiences in DC. The good news is that yes, we still love it, and can’t wait to dedicate a post to this first Happy Hour Date. Stay Tuned.


Dinner was at The Black Sheep in Buffalo, and though we will put out an official review tomorrow, we can say that we were genuinely impressed with our first bites back in Western New York. We’ve been spoiled in DC -one of this country’s best food cities – and to feel that we had not lost a beat in our new environment was a pleasant surprise. Check back tomorrow for more foodporn and a look at the entire evening.

Fried Artichoke

And of course, we needed a quick stop into 810 Meadworks on the way home just to pay our local haunt a visit within our first week. Glad we did, but excited to spend another evening there soon with a few friends.


Saturday we spent with my little sister and her boyfriend at the Erie County Fair, and after breathing in the smell of livestock, this country girl is once again hooked. I clung to the horse show fence and 20 years of my youth flashed before my eyes. I can’t wait to crawl onto my horse’s back and get into the ring, so I spent a happy hour instructing Scott on the basics of the horse show before wandering around the rest of the animal barns. And yes, I am officially in love with animal babies, and need a calf to call my own. We then took down some fried peirogies and fried oreos to sufficiently clog our arteries. Worth every bite (gym tomorrow).

1stWKNDhome-4 1stWKNDhome-5

Dinner that night was a double date to Deep South Taco in downtown Buffalo, and though we will pen an entire post to review, it was a great night to hang with my dearest little girl. the food was decent, and place was packed, but I still need to find the best guacamole spot in town. Thoughts?

1stWKNDhome-7 1stWKNDhome-6 1stWKNDhome-8

We hit up Resurgence Brewing Company on the way home, and though I am not a beer fanatic, we all had a great experience with their flights. More to come on that soon. Anyone been?

1stWKNDhome-9 1stWKNDhome-10

Friday was spent with Scott’s family at their cottage on Lake Ontario to celebrate Scott’s grandmother’s birthday. It was the first family event we could attend since the move, and it was amazing to be a part of it instead of hearing all about it on the phone. So glad to be home and not miss more precious time with family!

Sunday night we hit up The Taming of the Shrew (closing night!) at Shakespeare in Delaware Park. I try to make a habit of going every summer when I am home, and fortunately I have a few Bard-loving cousins who like to attend as well. Though it rained for a few minutes, we were left with a rainbow over the stage and a night of comedy we thoroughly enjoyed.

1stWKNDhome-11 1stWKNDhome-12

And because I love capturing a little video these days, a quick visual of our weekend in NY :)


Needless to say, we are exhausted. But this weekend really helped us to see how much there is to do in WNY, and has us craving another outing mid-week. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and a great start to your week!


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    1. Not Buffalo, but check out Ox & Stone in Rochester for very good guac, nice craft cocktails, and some really standout bartenders. Across the street from The Daily Refresher, which should be on your list too, if it isn’t already.

      1. I desperately need good guac – thanks for the tip!! And keep the recommendations coming, we have a lengthy list started and can’t wait to explore more of Rochester! -Al

    1. Glad you made it to Resurgence Brewing — very cool space along the River, but their beers disappointed my family and I earlier this summer. Try Big Ditch Brewing (right down from Deep South Taco) and Hamburg Brewing Company if your heading down to the south towns. Also, Toutant is another great restaurant to check out in the downtown corridor. If you ever head to Riverworks, be sure to stop at Ballyhoo for excellent craft cocktails and gourmet sausages!! Delicious

    1. The space for Deep South is cool but that’s about all I like there…

      I’m still searching for great guacamole around town…Cantina Loco is pretty great.

      Marble and Rye is the favorite date dinner for wife and I. Cheers!

      1. We’ve heard awesome things about Marble and Rye. That’s definitely one of the next dates! And yes, we can totally understand your view on Deep South. It didn’t quite live up to our expectations, either :( thanks for the tip, and would love to know any other recommendations for the city!

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