Friday Minutes

Friday Minutes: Off to the Adirondacks

This past week in Western New York has left us…full. We’ve done 3 restaraunts and numerous family dinners, so we are excited to take a trip to the Adirondacks for Al’s first camping adventure.  It’s also been an incredible week catching up on so many articles and blog posts from so many of our favorites.

Friday Minutes is a look at some articles and posts that caught our attention. If there are blogs that you think we should be keeping an eye on, please let us know.

Western New York Minutes:

Summer isn’t over yet. Step Out Buffalo has the list of 5 rooftop patios to visit before the cooler fall weather approaches. They also have the list of 10 upcoming restaurant openings to help you mix things up.

Hold up. You’re saying we should exercise between eating chicken wings? The Buffalo News explains that craziness.

Thanks to Buffalo Spree we’ve learned there is a Dining Out for Life in Western New York! We love this organization in DC and are excited to participate soon.

City Paper has announced it’s that time of year to pick your favorites with the Best of Rochester 2016.

Yes, we will be going to some high school football games this fall. Looks like our Medina Mustangs could be pretty good. Thanks, Orleans Hub.

WNY Blogs:

By now, I imagine we’ve all heard of Toutant in Buffalo. Thanks to Yeah! Buffalo here’s a look behind the name. These interviews are always worth a read. Anyone included should consider themselves lucky.

Do you create a summer reading list? Jessica at Tracing Paper Blog does, and here’s what she is currently reading. Any suggestions to add?

Here’s a great blog post –  one blogger helping to promote another. Well done Ashley at Morning Glory.

Washington, DC Area Minutes:

Great piece from Laura Hayes at Washington City Paper. Deaf diners shouldn’t feel limited with their options and some restaurants even credit them with success. 

The Washingtonian has a great look at one of our favorite areas in DC. 14th street just keeps getting better.

Some of the big restaurant news coming out of DC this week seems to be the price tag of this new restaurant. Here’s a look at the Washington Post’s article on the news. Do you think $185 is too much?

DC Area Blogs:

Been There Eaten That (Lori) headed back to Shaw’s Hazel to confirm her initial enthusiasm was no joke.

Anyone interested in a trip to Norway? JohnnaKnowsGoodFood (Johnna) has the scoop!

Bad Sentences (Kacy) takes us down memory lane as she shares details about her wedding on Kent Island. I would love some of that cake, it’s gorgeous!

Our dear friend and photographer Jof just posted gorgeous photos of a recent wedding. As we plan our own wedding, I plan on perusing his site more frequently…

What have we missed?

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