Engagement Session with Joffoto: Part 3

Engagement photos should be something that captures the TRUE essence of the individual. For us, nothing is more accurate in depicting our relationship than dates out eating.

When Jof suggested that we spend a day doing what we typically do, we decided that guacamole and margaritas had to be in the equation. Not only that, but Scott and I are adventurous and spontaneous, and love activities in the city that allow us the chance to have a bit of fun (and potentially, exercise!). Though we couldn’t jump in a kayak in Georgetown and expect Jof to follow us out on the Potomac with his camera, we COULD rent bikes and play a bit that way. Again, Jof nailed it.

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After working up an appetite, we went around the corner to Oyamel for that incredible bowl of guacamole – which, as you will see, got scraped clean…

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And after toasting to our fantastic morning spent with Jof, that concludes our engagement session recap. We were so enamored with his talent, that we’ve teamed up to offer a FANTASTIC giveaway! Click here to enter!!


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