CaliBurger Opens in Maryland!

Cole and Sasha are back with a few notes about the recently opened Caliburger in Maryland! Interested in writing for In a DC Minute? Let us know!


Looking to make a summertime splash on the East Coast, CaliBurger recently opened in Columbia, MD. The relatively young, fast-casual burger chain comes with a unique origin story and the confident California swagger to separate themselves from the competitive burger market.


The Cali burger is at the heart of the simple menu. The bun is caramelized and I was thrilled to have the option to add grilled onions. I get extremely judgmental when it comes to milkshakes (I love them) and CaliBurger passed the test. There’s a lot to like with CaliBurger. It effectively seizes a West Coast vibe that many will find familiar. Of course there are the comparisons to In-N-Out, and I call these similarities “pleasantly reminiscent.”


It’s clear to me that the ownership took care to create a burger with fresh ingredients that captures the warm, Friday night lights of their childhood. To further define their individual brand, CaliBurger has ideas to lead the charge toward the inevitable, futuristic relationship between technology and dining out. There are apps, charging stations, and a gaming platform that allows customers to compete against one another. There is more to come. But here’s what really matters: the staff was friendly, the burger satisfied my West Coast craving, and I downed my shake. The chicken sandwich is an excellent alternative to the burger, as well. Safe to say, I left full.

IMG_9612 IMG_9605

A couple expat buddies were living in China and missed the familiar taste of California. They craved a legitimate burger option but there were left hungry on their far side of the world. So they decided to build an option of their own. It’s been a winding road to get back home, but they made it.


Thanks to Cole and Sasha for checking out Caliburger for us! Check out their other posts from Rose’s Luxury and Urban Heights.

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