Engagement Session with Joffoto! *Part 1*

As we readied ourselves on the stone of the Jefferson Memorial for our first picture, Scott leaned down and whispered  – “this is our LAST engagement shoot – next time we are in front of a camera, it’s for wedding photos!”


I hear you loud and clear, Scott. ;)

Though we have had a few opportunities to capture this amazing time in our relationship, when Jof Panlaqui (of Joffoto) and I connected on Instagram and he suggested a DC engagement session, I performed proverbial back flips from excitement. We documented our love on my farm back home, I swallowed my modesty for a boudoir shoot, and we woke up at an ungodly hour to achieve a sunrise on the Potomac – but after running around this city for the last 3 years and marveling at the history and splendor of DC, I knew that if given the chance, I would jump at memorializing this moment of our lives in the district itself. I mean, we are In a DC Minute, after all…


When I spoke with Jof, he immediately suggested what I wanted all along – a day in DC as we would have it. He wanted to experience the city with us, doing exactly what we do in our every day and capturing our very favorite places and spaces.

DCengagement-3 DCengagement-4 DCengagement-5 DCengagement-6

Scott and I differ on our preference of monuments, and while I am smitten with Lincoln, Scott is all about the Jefferson, and after seeing the photos, I totally get why. We began early in the morning on the steps of the Jefferson, which is rare to have alone. When we arrived two steps ahead of a school group, we had to act fast….

DCengagement-7 DCengagement-8 DCengagement-9 DCengagement-10 DCengagement-11 DCengagement-12

Jof is everything you could possibly want in a photographer and more. Engagement photos can be awkward with all of the “kiss now, move here, be natural,” – but if possible, we forgot that we were in front of the camera and just basked in time alone in our city.

DCengagement-13 DCengagement-15 DCengagement-14

Photography is a deep passion of mine, and I strive everyday to learn more about composing great shots and capturing the moment. Jof allowed me to ask questions, probe creatively, and share the love while watching him work. It was a connection that I hope will continue, as he is just as inspiring in his photos as he is in person.

DCengagement-16 DCengagement-17 DCengagement-18

When we were done with the Jefferson, I was delightfully surprised when we had time to include the Lincoln… stay tuned!

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