Engagement Session with Joffoto *Part 2!*

When people ask who I’d love to have dinner with from history, I vacillate between Helen Keller and Abraham Lincoln. After Nyle won Dancing With the Stars the other night, I lean toward Helen Keller. But most other times, it’s an undeniable Lincoln.


So of course my favorite landmark is the Lincoln Memorial, and on our excursion with Jof, he pointed out that Lincoln’s hands are signing “A” and “L” – seriously. Look next time. And when Jof said he wanted to please us both and include my favorite monument as well, you can imagine – backflips again.

DCEngagement2-23 DCEngagement2-21 DCEngagement2-20 DCEngagement2-19 DCEngagement2-16

I never paid much attention to the stone and the architecture, but as Jof snapped away, he mentioned how drastically different the monuments appear in photos. He is right. But honestly, when you put Scott in a photo, I rarely notice anything else….

DCEngagement2-11 DCEngagement2-9 DCEngagement2-13

Scott and I are playful as the day is long. And what I love about these photos is that you can see the fun – it’s who we are and what we do when we are all alone. So to have Jof capture that in our amazing city is just icing on the cake.

DCEngagement2-6 DCEngagement2-1 DCEngagement2-4

However, the one thing that could top a day of fun around the national mall would be getting guacamole for lunch…stay tuned for the final post! (and HINT: GIVEAWAY!)


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