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Wedding Talk: Boudoir Session with Lauren Werkheiser Photography

Before you think I’m going to reveal all of my boudoir shots, spoiler alert: think again.

What I AM going to do is dish about one of the most incredible, life-changing things I have ever done. And not only that, but I’m going to shout from the rooftops the woman who is responsible for that – Lauren from Lauren Werkheiser Photography.

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In all honesty, I have suffered from low self-esteem and horrible body image all my life. A recipe of teenage bullying and a dash of divorce in my late 20’s sealed the deal, and it’s taken a man as good to me as Scott is to reverse that damage. Sadly, damage that deep is seldom reversed. 

Maryland Wedding Photographers - DC Wedding Photographers9However, the thought of boudoir always intrigued me, and when several of my friends got engaged and booked sessions, I couldn’t believe the amount of confidence they had, and how much I would need to photograph without layers of cloth to hide my imperfection. Though I didn’t meet Lauren because I wanted to take the plunge into Boudoir, I watched her work from afar and realized that she was able to transform even the most simple frame into absolute magic. When I found out she also offered Boudoir, the scales tipped and I decided to put my fragile ego into her hands and hope for the best. 

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Working with someone the day you meet them, as well as doing it in fewer garments than normal could be a recipe for disaster. Not with Lauren. The time she spent getting to know me, getting to know my relationship with Scott, and allowing me a few email meltdowns made us fast friends upon arrival.  Her soft approach as well as her innate understanding of lighting and natural beauty made for a stunning session. Because her style is classic, she made me feel confident in my own skin without the need to be overt or gimmicky. Boudoir is not about dark  – but rather, about seeing yourself in the best possible light.

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That evening after the shoot, I felt stronger, sexier, and more beautiful than I ever have in my entire life. I realized that prior to the shoot, I was afraid of my body and masked myself in a thick layer of modesty. Lauren helped me in undoing 25 years of media-induced body shame, and for the first time I felt completely free. 

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Lauren is the consummate professional, but she is more than that – after spending one afternoon together, she is a friend. Her photography is not about capturing a moment – it’s about CREATING the moment. Her pictures are bright, colorful, and above all – flawless. 

Whether you are looking for a heavy dose of confidence, or you are looking to capture your engagement or wedding with someone who is authentic and genuine – please consider Lauren. I have had the pleasure to work with incredible photographers, but what Lauren did for me will last for years to come even without looking at the pictures. 

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Scott and I have decided that at some point soon, we should probably get planning our wedding. And after looking back through Lauren’s work I am more motivated than ever. Check out her website, or go drool over her Instagram. 

Lauren – you are a talented and wonderful woman, and I know that many others will be thankful to recognize that firsthand.

Happy Wednesday, all! 



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    1. I love this! And by the way, despite how you may have felt about yourself, I’ve always thought you were lovely!

      1. You are the sweetest, truly. Thank you for reading, and thank you for always being a constant support!!

    1. So thankful to have had the opportunity to work with you, Al! You are beautiful, and I’m so happy that this experience made such an positive impact for you! ❤️

    1. I’m sure they turned out gorgeous, Al! Miss you. Xoxo

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