Shirt Factory Cafe: More than coffee in Medina

Names like Bob Hope, Tony Randall, and Winston Churchill aren’t typically associated with our hometown Medina, NY. At the Shirt Factory Cafe, their names can be found among other former clients of the historic Newell Shirt Company. There is an amazing sense of small town history when you walk in the door, even if you’re just hunting for coffee in Medina.


The 2007 opening of this cafe introduced a fresh face in the small village. The location’s popularity grew quickly as they pulled the building’s historical elements into play. In 2013, Richard Sarrero took over the location with plans to continue this trend, while offering some fresh concepts of his own. Today, several sandwiches bear the names of former clients while pajamas and articles help to bring the past back to life. If these smaller articles aren’t enough to grab your attention, the exposed original flooring and walls should help to kick your love of history into overdrive.



The cafe isn’t just about history, it’s about having a good time with your beverage and bite. While we might be ordering coffee, there is no shortage of special seasonal drinks to tickle your taste buds.  If you follow their Facebook and/or Instagram accounts, you know they have some pretty wonderful scones and daily soups as well.



The Shirt Factory Cafe is always a spot we look forward to visiting whenever we’re home in Medina, NY.  Are there hidden gems from your small town that you make an effort to visit while back in the area?


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