Happy Hour Recap: Magnolia’s on King


Leather seating, a fireplace, and good craft cocktails – is that too much to ask? There are a couple great cocktail bars in Alexandria already, but none that offer all three like Magnolia’s on King.



As you all know by now we love organizing happy hours in Old Town Alexandria. Authoring blog posts about where to eat are fun, but getting a chance to hang out with everyone over cocktails far surpasses that enjoyment. Meeting new and incredible people was always and will continue to be one of the main reasons we started In a DC Minute.





Magnolia’s on King, which offers a twist on southern cuisines and cocktails, has been a member of the Alexandria dining scene since earlier this summer. This happy hour experience was our first visit to the restaurant, and even if just for cocktails we’ll definitely be back. After all, as I mentioned, they have leather couches and a fireplace. Just add in the Magnolia’s Old Fashioned (which includes pineapple syrup) for me,  the Lavender Royale for Alix, and we’re set for an evening of comfort and relaxation.


A couple of you have shared your stories about the dining menu and we’re looking forward to making plans to visit again soon. Before we can offer our own opinions, we both recommend stopping in for cocktails some evening.



Thank you again for everyone who came by on October 29, we can’t wait to see you all in December for another get together. Until then, let us know where you’re enjoying happy hour right lately.



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