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We’re TWO!!!

Two years old, that is.


Yesterday was officially two years from our very first post, The First Minute. In our short time in this space, we have written over 400 posts – many that highlight our favorite dates, our relationship woes, and last year we finally got to write about our engagement.

Perhaps the most significant writing was about our darling girl, and the loss we experienced with Miah this past summer. We don’t feel like a complete family just yet, but Ivan is thrilled to be receiving 100% of our undivided attention and we are finding a new definition of our family as we navigate it as a group of 3.

Al and Scott-02 jpg-0005

The past few months have been turbulent, and our relationship sadly took a back burner to work and outside obligations. We had an honest conversation about our priorities, and are excited to get back to writing and experiencing a more personal side to this blog.

The next year is sure to bring some of our favorite posts, as we are planning the next step in our life and are thrilled about all the change that is certain to come. Thank you for reading, for writing, and for supporting our journey here.

Cheers to our 2nd Blogiversary, and to hoping there are many more in the future!

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