If you really knew me, you’d know that… (Scott Edition)

I used to work in politics.

I’ve lived in Virginia since 2007, but will always consider myself a New Yorker.

Fall is my favorite season.

I’d love to open and work at a winery.


People who don’t clean up after their dogs drives me nuts.

Jeans and a t-shirt are my favorite things to wear.

I secretly enjoy dancing.

Even though I love wine, wine snobs really annoy me.

My favorite color to wear is navy blue.


I love Syracuse sports.

I grew up near Buffalo but I’m a Dolphins fan.

I can watch Will Smith movies on repeat.

Rachel McAdams is my Hollywood crush.

I enjoy wearing a suit and tie.

I didn’t like the How I Met Your Mother finale.

Pizza has forever been one of my favorite foods but keep mushrooms far away from it.

I think dogs are better than cats.

New York is my home state, but the Red Sox are my baseball team.

I spent my summers on Lake Ontario.


It takes me forever to schedule appointments with the dentist, doctor, and car mechanic.

I watch Morning Joe with my coffee to start the day.

I have a major sweet tooth.

I love going to the movies.

If there is an opportunity for a good time, I am on it.

IMG_0669_zpsf87bb225 IMG_0708_zps191516f4

When I was in 2nd grade I could recite the order US Presidents served.

I love surprises and romantic things. If someone ever gives me an idea of something to do, I can’t do it because it’s not original anymore.

A Jeep Wrangler has long been my dream car.

I love the Walking Dead and will routinely have nightmares about the show.





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    1. Dogs are obviously > than cats, and I watch Morning Joe every morning too. Oh yeah, plus the obvious, love the wine…

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