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If You Really Knew Me, You’d Know That… (Al Edition)

Classic film is my hobby – I could watch Cary Grant and James Stewart all night long.

I feel vehemently about adopting dogs rather than spending money on a purebred.


I hate horror movies.

Guacamole is more than an obsession; it’s a way of life.

I can’t stand a bad parking job. Especially parallel parking.

I don’t forgive easily and I certainly don’t forget. I’m working on this.

I lived in Istanbul, Turkey for 6 months, and have an affinity for GOOD Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine.

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I get attached to everything – people, places, foods, (um, hello??) past periods of my life, clothes, furniture.

I anthropomorphize like a pro.

I had cosmetic ear surgery when I was 17 years old.

I know all the words to Eminem’s  “My Dad’s Gone Crazy” (Hangs head in shame. So naughty.)

I eat the first spoonful of peanut butter out of a jar before dedicating it to my dog’s bones.

And then I keep a jar of marshmallow fluff to wash it down.

I take off all of my jewelry as soon as I get home.

If “eating” had been a major in college, I’d be happy with my job right now.

I watch the same movie over and over and over again each night to go to sleep. I’ve gone through two DVDs of Julia & Julia.

My three favorite places I have ever been are 226 (one of my classrooms), the stage, and my first horse’s stall as he ate his hay in the quiet evening on the farm.

I can’t stand smelly sponges.

I look at Scarlett O’Hara as my alter ego. Or maybe I just see too many similarities.

I brush my teeth obsessively, but am terrified of the dentist and choose (most of the time)not to go. I’m working on this.

I love doing laundry.

I’m obsessed with Edward Norton. He’s my celebrity crush.

Film is a HUGE passion of mine – right up there next to theater.

If I could live a life doing ANYTHING I wanted, I’d live it on the stage.


I haven’t played in months, but I could lose an entire evening playing Sims. I have all of the expansion packs.

I’d like to trade places with an interior decorator for a day. Not to do their work, just to know what they know. And then I’d spend the whole day writing it all down.

My favorite color is plum.

I’d choose mashed potatoes and stuffing over chocolate any day of the week.

I wear my emotions on my sleeve and for the life of me can’t master a poker face.

I would rather watch Julia and Julia right now and drift off to sleep more than anything else.

What would should I know about you?


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    1. This is such a fun post, Al. :) I took a similar photo in Istanbul years ago…wonder if mom still has this. And yes, I am not the only one hating smelly sponges…cannot stand them at all. And hello, fellow laundry lover. :)

    1. I like learning more about you and Scott. One thing about me- I hate to be barefoot!!

    1. I always pick taters over chocolate and am TERRIFIED of the dentist. To an embarassing level. I cry THE WHOLE TIME. Dont judge :)

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