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Even with all the restaurants that Alexandria has to offer, we’ve been hearing from people lately that Old Town needs a good steak restaurant. We’ve enjoyed  happy hour at Flat Iron Steak & Saloon in the past, so when a friend asked if we’d meet him for dinner it seemed like a must.

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Flat Iron’s $5 happy hour menu includes a variety of items that we’d suggest, but we love the flatbread pizza and the chicken egg rolls. Additionally, they have a drink menu that includes beers for under $3.50 and rail drinks, margaritas, and wine for $5. As if the specials aren’t good enough already, happy hour also lasts until 8pm which is about an hour longer than most places in the same area. Some of you may have attended the happy hour we organized at the beginning of May here and can vouch for the deals.

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When it came to dinner we all went in different directions. Al went for a California Cobb Salad with Grilled Chicken, L ordered a Black Sesame Seed Crusted Ahi Tuna, while I realized one of us had to order the steak and selected the Skirt Steak. With a wide-range of selections we had a great opportunity to see all that Flat Iron has to offer. The tuna was the winner, being cooked and presented exactly how you’d imagine from reading it on the menu. Unfortunately, the steak finished third out of the items we ordered.

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Flat Iron is one of Old Town Alexandria’s best happy hours that we’ll continue to frequent and recommend to others. Next time we’ll probably try the salmon, which was recommended to the table by the waitress. Though “steak” is listed in the title we were more impressed with other items they have to offer.


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    1. That Ahi Tuna looks amazing! Such a bummer when a steak house doesn’t deliver on the steak. (Thankfully that’s the last thing I’d ever order for myself.)

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