Memorial Weekend Recap

I’m sure many of you had an amazing weekend filled with parades, BBQs, and pool time. If you were in DC, it was a glorious sunny weekend and warmed up to 90 degrees on Monday. Hello, summer.

Scott and I were excited to have our first ‘free’ weekend in quite some time. As I am still nursing this walking pneumonia, we tried to keep our plans free of any travel and anything too strenuous.

On Friday night, Scott and I had the pleasure of meeting Lee, the voice behind Red Brick Town,  an Alexandria blog dedicated to local news and events in the area. We met at Sweet Fire Donna’s, a new BBQ restaurant that we have heard so much about. For the price and the quality, we know we’ll be back (again, and again, and…) You get it.

Mday-1 Mday-2

After we left Lee, we walked over to another highly recommended Old Town favorite, Society Fair. We had the pleasure of meeting Vina (finally!) the Media Maven for the restaurant group. We had a personal tour, and sat on the patio to enjoy a glass of wine and a ‘big ass’ piece of cake. The name said it all.

Mday-3 Mday-4

Saturday morning found us walking our neighborhood and enjoying the Old Town Farmer’s Market.  We couldn’t help but head down to the waterfront before heading home, which is always a welcomed sight. On the way back we had lunch at one of our favorites, Bittersweet, and stopped by the most amazing local wine shop (Altura Wine & Gourmet) to say hello to Edgar (owner) and pick up a bottle of Rosé.  We can’t wait to do a formal review and spread the good word about this shop and its’ most dedicated and gracious owners.

Mday-5 Mday-7

Sunday was all about the pool and a BBQ with friends, which was much needed down-time. Lately, our schedule has been so packed we have not had routine plans with our friends, and this reminded us how much we need to make that a priority in our life.

Memorial Day we met another one of our dearest friends for brunch in Old Town at Overwood. Though we have been pleased with Overwood before, it wasn’t quite their shining moment. It was, however, a wonderful chance to catch up. Monday afternoon we spent by the pool before indulging in guacamole burgers for dinner…would you expect anything less???


How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend? We hope you all were safe and happy. Now, bring on June!



Monday- brunch

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    1. Will grilled BBQ drumsticks, with potato salad, corn on the cob, and sauteed zucchini/summer squash and brought out the tables and chairs for everyone to eat outside. Otherwise we did NOTHING and it was glorious. :)

    1. Oh, aren’t y’all the sweetest! I’m actually the Multimedia Maven (social media, creative design, photography – it’s a mouthful, I know – our PR lady is the lovely Jennie K. Fun fact, I actually put “PR Darling” on her business card.

      I don’t know how she feels about it, actually, haha!

      Again, it was so nice to meet you, visit anytime.

      1. Took care of that right away! Sorry!
        It was wonderful to meet you as well – we will be in again very soon :)

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