Top 10 Warm Weather Favorites

With what hopes to be the last of the snow we see for several months, we have started to compile a list of our favorite things to do as warm weather is upon us.  Many of our favorites are being penciled in as we type, so we can do them more than just a couple times in the coming months.

1- We all have a farmer’s market that we enjoy more than the rest, Eastern Market makes the top of our list. Last summer and into the fall we made a routine of going every other weekend, and we really can’t get enough. The donuts are incredible and the fruit samples along the walk are even better. We’ve decided this spring we’re going to compile a list of everyone’s favorite market and try to check each out, so please, share your favorites with us!

IMG_9929 IMG_9940

2- Though King St. in Old Town, Alexandria holds a special spot in our hearts we do occasionally like to jump over the river and walk along the water in Georgetown. Both areas have a great deal of history and how can you beat old brick sidewalks? As the temperatures start to increase, the boathouses will definitely get more use, definitely from us. Of the many places in Georgetown you should visit, make sure to try some of the cupcakes. Remember Georgetown Cupcake isn’t the only show in town, both Sprinkles and Baked & Wired are also in the neighborhood.

IMG_1091 IMG_1120

3- “Take me out to the ballgame!” Warmer weather screams baseball season has begun and the best part is that there are ticket options within our budget.

IMG_0669 IMG_0666

4- Similar to baseball, warmer weather seems to be the sign that it’s time to open up the grills too. We all enjoy a great BBQ, right? From burgers to tater tots, (yes of course we throw tater tots on the grill!) there is plenty to excite your stomach with this spring-summer.

IMG_0684 IMG_9943

5- From National Harbor to Rosslyn to the National Mall, there are several locations around the area that will be showing movies outside as summer approaches. This is always something we say we’ll do more, but this year we’re making it a point.

6- If you haven’t been to Gravelly Point by National Airport yet, please go! This is a perfect date spot, but also one you can just go enjoy with friends. It’s located just off George Washington Highway, just beyond the Airport heading North. Take a blanket and go lay on the slope toward the water, as you’ll see several planes landing just over your head.

7- We did mention Georgetown earlier, but as I said Old Town Alexandria and it’s waterfront is still one of our favorites. As the warmer weather falls upon us, we love to make dinner plans with restaurants closer to the water, so after eating we can go hang out on dock benches. We also enjoy walking down there on Sunday mornings after brunch to see what entertainment we can stumble upon. A month back we listened to a unicyclist, who spoke to several people about his bike for well over 20 minutes. I believe we were in the majority of people who hadn’t left yet because we were all hoping to watch him ride away. After he walked his bike away, several of us commented that we’re convinced he can’t actually ride the unicycle and instead just walked¬† it up. Random story or scene you might see down there.




8- From the monuments, to the museums, to the Tidal Basin, the National Mall is one of our favorite places to hang out in warmer weather. You can take a kite to fly or a Frisbee to toss, or just a book to relax by a tree with, whatever your plan is the mall lends itself wonderfully.

IMG_0716 IMG_0721

9- Like many of you, we’re looking forward to being able to return to the patios and rooftops of several favorite hangouts, rather than being huddled around the inside of bars. Our list of places to check out is growing, but when it comes to having the opportunity to have a cold beverage outside, we’re all over it.

10- The final thing we’re really looking forward to as the temperatures rise are the area parks. With both Miah and Ivan with us, we’re hoping to find several locations friendly to dogs that we can take them on new walking routes as well. DC is certainly not just city life, and we’ll be enjoying the larger tree covered sections as well.


So, there is our list of 10 things we’re really looking forward to as the weather continues to get nicer. What are some of the top items on your list? We’re always looking for additional recommendations and local favorites!



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    1. Great list! I could add “Jazz in the Garden” which is pretty entertaining too. And last summer, when it was unbearably hot, we loved visiting museums (how cool that most of them are free) and then enjoyed soaking our feet in one of the fountains (I think it was the one in the Sculpture Garden (?)).

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