October Favorites

Part of the premise for the blog is to document the places we not only went, but loved. Though we usually share the same general opinion of a restaurant or event, we have a few differences in what ranks as our overall best. Each month we hope to publish a list of our favorites.
Without further ado, October went a little something like this:

Favorite Dinner:
Al Says- The Pita House, Old Town, Alexandria
Scott Says- Virtue Food and Grain, Old Town, Alexandria

Favorite Brunch:
Al Says- Murphys Pub, Old Town, Alexandria
Scott Says- Murphys Pub, Old Town, Alexandria

Favorite Bar:
Al Says- EatBar, Arlington, VA
Scott Says- Lost Society, U St, DC

Favorite Cocktail:
Al Says- Blue Motorcycle, Capital City Brewing Company (various locations)
Scott Says- Apple Cider Gin & Tonic, Nage Bistro, DC

Favorite Moment:
Al Says- Walking hand in hand with Scott down Main Street in Medina, NY, where we both grew up
Scott Says- Finally taking Al to the POV Lounge at the W Hotel, to see the view of DC.

Favorite Outing:
Al Says- Hanging out in Old Town, Alexandria the Saturday before Halloween
Scott Says- Going to Barboursville Winery and tasting 27 wines from different vintages.

What we took away from October:
Enjoy the small moments of everyday life.

-Scott & Al

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