Guacamole: A Mild (but actually major) Obsession.


And I suppose if we want to get technical – all things avocado. But really, my addiction lies mostly with a vat of green stuff and a side of tortilla chips. Completely normal.

Rosa Mexicano, Al

If I had to name one thing that my friends (read: acquaintances and strangers often included) know about me, it’s my passion for this magical fruit. In fact, I remember the exact day 8 years ago that I fell head over heels. I was sitting in a small Mexican restaurant (Panchito’s, to be exact) off of Bleecker St. in NYC on a beautiful weekend in December. I’d taken a trip for the weekend to visit my brother, and since the restaurant boasted one hell of a margarita, off we went.


At the mention of guacamole for an appetizer, I immediately turned up my nose and expressed my disgust at something that could look like it had already been digested. Sorry for the visual. But I was coerced and gave in to peer pressure – and I was a smitten kitten. You know what they say, “once you go green, you’ll always be keen”.

I made that up. Consider it copyrighted. Now all I need to do is design a t-shirt and I’ll be all set.

But keen is putting it lightly. I eat guacamole for dinner several nights a week. When I lived alone in Syracuse, I think it was the ONLY thing I ate for months on end. The doctor finally had to ask me to stop because I was bruising like a peach. Avocados are supposedly blood thinners? Take note, but don’t quote me.

Anyway, if there is guac on a menu, I order it. If avocado is in the meal, I order it. If I see anything guacamole/avocado related, I spasm like a freak and shriek like a banshee. Lucky Scott.

Scott supports the addiction, and often makes me guac on nights that he knows I need a pick-me-up. I ate guac last night. Tonight. And I’ll most likely eat it again tomorrow. See? Addict.


8 years straight.

I used to default to the seasoning packets at the store, but I now make a pretty decent homemade guac if I do say so myself. I taught Scott, and I’m pretty sure he makes it better than I do. And about the nasty look of the stuff? Doesn’t matter. I take a picture of all bowls – I don’t discriminate.


And for my birthday last year, Erica, my best friend, made me an AVOCADO pie. Which was actually quite delightful :)


All that to say this: if you remember anything about me, I love guac.

Visit my Avocado Love board on Pinterest and get addicted.

Do you like guac? Or do you have another creepy food obsession? Tell me about it so I don’t feel bad.


PS – Recipe to come… ;)

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      1. We’re in good company then :) Thanks for visiting the blog!

      1. Hi Nan, not sure who you are addressing here, your message was a bit cryptic. Feel free to email us, dcminute (at) gmail. Thanks for reading!

    1. I’ve never heard of the blood-thinning properties of avocado…and we eat them every day. I married an avocado farmer in California and live in guacamole heaven. Next time you’re in the San Diego area, look us up! You are a true avocadophile who deserves the very best California avocados!

      1. Guacamole heaven – you are SOO lucky!!! I will definitely look you up, I think visiting an avocado farm would be like MY mecca :)
        Thanks for reading! Enjoy your California avocados!
        The Truest of all Avocadophiles

    1. I love guacamole too!!! It’s getting really bad because that’s all I want to eat! I remember, when I was younger, my mom would eat an avocado, plain with a little salt, and I thought it was so slimy and disgusting. Now, I want to eat all the avocados!! :)

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