One Month Married!!!

We did it!  We’ve made it to the first of a million milestones in our marriage. Though anniversaries are now reserved for annual celebrations, we are kicking it back to high school and celebrating the monumental success that we’ve had in one month of marital bliss.


What has changed? Everything. We are still adjusting to saying “husband” and “wife”, and Scott is CONSTANTLY obsessing over his ring and fidgeting with it (which is the definition of adorable) but it’s the feeling of being married that has been a complete game changer. 


However, Scott still brings me coffee in the morning and I still do all the laundry. We both take Ivan for a walk in the evening, and we retire to bed to watch old TV shows before we fall asleep. The routines are the same, the day progresses as it always has, but there is something so surreal about going to bed and waking up every day next to the man of my dreams, who I can now call my husband. 

(Waiting for me to walk down the aisle…)

We got our wedding photos back last week (which is unreal how fast it was!!! Love Ali…) and we are ready to write about our most memorable wedding moments. But a few of our favorites to commemorate one month of married life…

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alexandra-elise-photography-ali-reed-alix-scott-wedding-2017-highlights-022It’s been hard to adjust to being back at work and teaching from sun up to sun down, and I need to find a better work balance so Scott and I can start to work on house projects….and we close on Fox Cross tomorrow (insert ALL the excited squeals….)

Happy Tuesday, all.

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