8 Reasons Why Weddings Are The Worst

Spring is here and that can only mean wedding season is in full bloom!! Spring colors, summer suits, and fall combinations might soon be in your future. While we finalize plans for a late summer affair, I have to say weddings are just the worst. I used to think they were the best, but I was wrong. Really wrong.

Let’s cut to the chase, here are the 8 reasons why weddings are just the worst:
  • You have to dress up. Does anyone really like doing this? Now days, people even focus on pocket squares and crazy socks. The worst!
    add some personality to a group of groomsmen by letting them pick fun socks to wear on the day of! #bridesofok #oklahomabrides:
    Image via bridesofoklahoma.com
  • Well you guessed it, there’s going to be dancing. Not only dancing, but singing along while dancing. Get ready, because you’re likely going to be tired and with a raspy voice.
  • Aren’t we getting a bit old to party? 75-150 people at one event should just be banned.
  • Weddings are a simple excuse to make grown men cry. Grooms, fathers, and others will have to find an easy way to wipe away their tears. This is just cruel. I guess that trendy pocket square was a waste.
    These Big Day Moments Are What Weddings Are All About:
    Image via Huffington Post
  • For months, we’ve been trying to get in better shape, and here comes a giant cake or dessert table. Worst case scenario is that you’ll get cake and several other take home treats.
  • A guest book!?!? You want me to come up with a sentimental note on the spot? Shouldn’t you give me fair warning that I’m about to write you a forever note??
  • Some weddings last more than a day. That’s right, some couples expect you to be part of multiple things. A rehearsal dinner, wedding preparation, the actual ceremony, and possible next day festivities. Come on guys, it can’t be all about you.
  • The single worst thing about weddings is that “look”. GAG. You know, the look the groom and bride show when they see each other, dance, look across the room, and so on and so forth.

View More: http://joffoto.pass.us/alscottpt1Image: Joffoto

Ok, who am I kidding – I love weddings! Cake, dancing, the attire, friends, family, and so much more. There’s no hiding the fact that these are just some of the reasons I love the entire affair. Alix is still warming to weddings, but I’ve got less than 4 months to make her a complete wedding sap. Challenge accepted!

As we continue to plan for our own, hopefully you’ve got some exciting dates on your calendar.


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