Pet Product Review: ORGANIX Dog Food by Castor & Pollux

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Castor & Pollux. As always, opinions are my own.*

Those of you who have spent any time on this blog are familiar with Miah, her story, and the dramatic effect her life had on mine.

Miah-5When Miah fell and was given the grim prognosis of merely months, I turned to holistic and organic treatment that ultimately kept my darling girl alive for not months, but THREE years. She played with her toys, ran around the yard, and enjoyed life just like any other healthy dog. I spent time researching natural and organic food, trekked hours for acupuncture, and treated her fragile immune system with only natural curatives.

Because of that huge transition in lifestyle and feeding for Miah, we have followed a similar path with Ivan in the hopes that preventive measures and careful consideration of his well-being will allow our perfect 11 year old rescue dog a long and happy life.

Enter our latest discovery: Organix® by Castor & Pollux, a dog food that is packed with natural and organic ingredients.


Not only have my dogs done well with organic and natural, but Ivan developed a sensitive stomach and allergies when he was around 5 years old. I have spent the last 6 years trying to find grain-free food, some of which turned out sadly to be more a marketing gimmick than a true statement. This is thankfully not a problem now with Organix®.

organix-11I have been in the process of switching Ivan over to the Grain Free Recipe by Organix®, which has helped his digestion considerably. It’s easy to find too, as it is carried at PetSmart, Petco, natural grocery stores such as Whole Foods, and of course – online. To locate a store that sells Organix® recipes in your area, visit the Organix® site. If you want to save yourself a trip to the store, you can visit the brand’s shop online search menu.

organix-13I bet half of you reading this post grew up in a time when dogs ate scraps, lived outside, and rarely went to the vet except for major emergencies. And then the other half of you are more like my family: dogs are people. And even moreso, warrant behavior and treatment equivalent to that of a first-born child. 

organix-10But you don’t have to be an extremist on either end to know that what we put in our systems and that of our pets drastically effect overall health.  With dog food that is prepared as well as Organix®, it’s no wonder that my boy has a shinier coat, more energy to play on the farm, and has a pep in his step when he guards the porch from the goats. Although I’m beginning to think the goats have a thing for Organix® as well….

organix-16 organix-14Ok, now can I get an AMEN from all of my dog-loving friends? And guess what cat people, Organix® has your fur-babes covered as well. Now I’m just hoping horse and goat food is in the works soon!  :)

organix-2Make sure to stay connected with Organix® by following the brand on  FacebookInstagram and Twitter.  

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