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Friday Minutes: Something for Everyone

It’s been a crazy week. The Buffalo Bills won their 4th in a row, both of us won our fantasy football games, the weather has gone from the 70s to 50s, the debates are finally over, and we still haven’t packed a single item for our trip to Mexico. Basically, we’ve done a lot of reading to help us procrastinate this week…

This week Friday Minutes contains highlights from candy corn to fall activities, and even a little bit of Trump. Thanks for all the great articles, they’ve helped us get through the week. Also, congratulations to Washington, DC restaurants who were recognized in the recent Michelin Guide (Washingtonian)

Noteworthy Articles:

Expats to Repats is a series that the Buffalo News has to highlight stories of individuals who move back into the area. We were elated to be included in one of the most recent write ups. (How is that for a little self promotion??)

Remember that new hotel in DC that Donald Trump has spoken so much about? Here’s a great recap of a recent experience that Laura (Washington City Paper) and a blogger friend of ours Brian (Hungry Lobbyist) had there. Politics and cold fries are included. 

Admiring the fall foliage is one of our favorite things to do during these couple of months. Visit Rochester offers readers the 5 ways to enjoy the beauty in Rochester. 

Will you be in Washington, DC during the holiday season? If so, Washingtonian has some exciting news about this pop-up bar.

Are you a ‘foodie’ looking to hang out on Hertel Avenue? Donnie Burtless (Buffalo Eats) contributed to Visit Buffalo Niagara and has your complete guide.

Step Out Buffalo has an event on November 13th that involves lots of cocktails, all showcasing the best Buffalo has to offer. We’ll be there and can offer anyone $5 off their ticket with the code DCMINUTE at checkout! Hope to see you there!

DC/WNY Blogs:

How do you feel about that addictive or disgusting yellow, orange, and white Halloween treat? Well, Hungry Lobbyist certainly has a strong opinion. 

Was that too harsh? Did you know there are more than just a couple flavors now? Last year, the Brian from the Urban Bohemian ranked each.

Have you ever struggled with trying to find the one “can’t miss” item on restaurant’s menu? Well, the Nittany Epicurean has a concept to help you with this struggle.

Morning Glory gives more than just fashion on her blog. Her recent post shares some of the struggles that many of us have felt. Ashley, we’re rooting for you.

I’m sitting on the bed, slightly chilly, writing this post, and I come upon a recipe for crock pot Chicken Cacciatore. This seems to be the perfect solution for the impending cold weather. Thank you Jessica (Tracing Paper)…I’m hungry now.

Visiting Washington, DC this fall? Bad Sentences has some recommendations for activities you should try.

We love the most recent Yeah! Buffalo interview with Jamil Crews, who has lived between DC and Buffalo over the last decade, and is working hard to make the rest of the world see how wonderful it truly is, event to those who live there. It’s not us, but it sounds familiar.

What were some of your favorite articles from the last week? We’re off to Mexico tomorrow with @DCFashionFool and @TheGayTraveler. Follow all of us for lots of fun!


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