The 8 Reasons We Can’t Wait to Move Home to Medina, NY

This morning on the phone with my Mom, she complained bitterly of the heatwave that has enveloped our little hometown of Medina, NY, and how dreadful life is without AC. But I assured her that in no time at all, we will be putting on our Carhartts and trudging through feet of snow to get to the horse-barn for chores.

And. I. Got. EXCITED. 

Scott is the true snow-child of the two of us, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to our first real winter after several years here in the Mid-Atlantic. Because as you know, Scott makes the most of winters wherever we are…


Medina, NY is home to us both, and though we are leaving this incredible city we are anxious to get settled back into a small town life. Aside from the snow and this upcoming winter, there are so many things we can’t wait to experience again. What are we looking forward to the most? Take a look.

  1. Small Businesses – We have been spoiled by the sense of community and collaborative efforts of the Old Town Boutique District here in Alexandria, but we were thrilled to see that the Medina Business Association is just as active and collaborative. Between coffee in the morning at the Shirt Factory Cafe and mead in the evening at 810 Meadworks, we will get our fill of Main street at gems like Ellen J Goods, The Book Shoppe, the English Rose Tea Shoppe and so many more.shirtfactorycafe-6810meadworks-5
  2. The Niagara Wine Trail – Speaking of mead, the trail is just about to launch its 23rd winery – and some are just minutes away from the farm. Though again, we’ve been spoiled by incredible Virginia wine, the trail is booming and  we can’t wait to visit some of our favorites (we’re looking at you, Leonard Oakes and Freedom Run!!) and try all the others.MedinaPost-4
    Scott and my sister, Adrienne at Leonard Oakes at Christmas
  3. Autumn on the Farm – There isn’t a place in the entire world I’d rather be than sitting on the farm when the leaves are changing. The chill in the air, the soft knicker of horses in the barn in the morning. Corn across the field, an amber hue covers the landscape. It’s idyllic and just too good to be true. Thankfully, it’s soon to be our reality. IMG_0250_zps3b0f5ec2
  4. Seasonal Events – We were so glad to see the Parade of Lights a few years ago, but we can’t wait to watch it again this year along with attending Ale in Autumn and Wine About Winter. Recently, the farm-to-table dinner on Main Street was a bummer to miss, but you better believe we will be there next time!
  5. We are both proud alumni of Medina High School, and as such you better believe we will be sitting in the stadium seats at Vet’s Park to watch Friday night football games and the half-time show by my dear Medina Mustang Marching Band. Oh, the memories.
  6. Walks on the Erie Canal – Medina sits right on the Historic Erie Canal, and some of the most meaningful and reflective moments for me have been spent on that canal. Our farm is about a mile away from the towpath, and Scott and I can’t wait to take Ivan for strolls by the water.  It might not be the Potomac, but it is charming and it is ours.MedinaPost-1
  7. Proximity to Adventure – We are minutes away from Lake Ontario, and only a short drive to both Buffalo, Rochester, and Niagara Falls. The entire area is full of life and there is just SO much to do. I don’t think we realized this when we were younger, but we are dedicated to keeping the idea of “DC Minute” alive and force ourselves to get off the farm and truly see how fantastic it is in New York State. In the first two weeks, we will be camping in the Adirondacks and returning to Syracuse for the great New York State Fair.July-9
  8. Food, food, and more food – We never set out to be a “food blog”, but that’s what we became after we realized that dating is so much more fun when you experience insanely good eats. Not only does Medina and the neighboring towns boast their own foodie gems (Avanti pizza, dinner at Zambistro, the soon-to-open Fitzgibbons, and of course – chicken fingers at (Ed’s) Pony’s!!) but we are so close to the burgeoning food scene in Buffalo and Rochester. Coming from DC, we are thrilled to scope out the area’s best restaurants and cocktail bars!MedinaPost-3

Ok, so what did we miss? What has to make our short-list of first dates in Medina and Western New York?

T-minus 2 days, guys.

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    1. You must visit The Revelry in Rochester. It’s worth the drive!

      1. We’ve heard fabulous things about The Revelry! That will be our first Rochester Date :) Thanks!!

        1. Branca too! The Rev’s sister restaurant. Both are owned by a girl formally from Holley and her husband from SC. We love supporting them and it’s easy since the food it fabulous!

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