Cocktails and Bubbles: 6 Drinks to Enjoy this Summer

Summer: the warmest months of the year can only be cooled by good air conditioning, a pool, and some of our favorite summer drinks. Embrace the love of tiki and rosés; allow the red wine to age for a couple more months. Here’s a look at our list of summer drinks, and where you might find a few:

  • Celebrate the warmer weather with some bubbles. For those of you who know us, we regularly come up with a reason to open a bottle of sparkling wine and summer presents the perfect opportunity. We recently had a dear friend staying with us and she left us two bottles different rosés. Virginia occasionally makes one we go crazy for, and Edgar from Altura Wine (Old Town Alexandria) always has a couple good recommendations for us.


  • Before you think Tiki drinks are just another term for fruity cocktails, think again. Though several of the classics might include different juices, you’ll also find that others are full of rum.  This summer, we’ll be heading to Jack Rose Dining Saloon and their Tiki Bar when we’re not crafting things up in our kitchen.
  • JackRoseTiki-4Popular cocktail bars can occasionally be a complete waste of time on Friday nights. The better the drinks, the more people will be crowding for a place at the bar. During the summer months, Fridays end a little earlier for the both of us. Recently, we’ve been rushing to Magnolia’s on King not only for their existing drink menu, but also to see secrets their beverage director, Nick, has up his sleeves. Tell him we sent you and put your trust in his hands.
  • ALXcocktails-6It’s 90 degrees out and entirely acceptable to just open a beer. Warm summer days by the pool are best accompanied by a frosty cold one. We always love to show local support, and when it comes to Alexandria there is nothing better than Port City Brewing Company. DC has a couple more options, but we’d say DC Brau is always among the top.
  • &pizza-8For us, the cider craze is real. From Steampunk Cider in Western New York to the nationally recognized Strongbow brand, we find a reason to like them all.


When all else fails – drink water!

What are some of your favorite summer drinks?


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