Wedding Wednesday: Looking for Guest Posts!

This week has been busier than anticipated. After having been sick for the past week, packing to leave for New York, and attending to Miah’s EVERY WHIM in her final days with us (and sobbing uncontrollably every few minutes as a result) I’m both dehydrated and exhausted.

We have put wedding talk on hold this week, but are excited to begin a new series that will take place over the next year as we prepare for our own impending nuptials.


In the spirit of Independence Day, Uncle Sam was exactly who I needed to announce that we are seeking GUEST POSTS – more specifically, in the DC Metro area. Even though we are unsure of our exact wedding location (Western New York? Alexandria? DC Proper?) we would like to invite anyone who has planned a wedding in this area for advice on vendors, tips for the day, or overall wedding suggestions. Even if you do not have a blog and are new to the posting regime, we would LOVE to hear your story and how you went about planning your big day.

If you are interested in a guest post, please contact us at dcminute (at) gmail (dot) com for details!

And for anyone else who has planned a wedding, though not in the area, we would love to incorporate your advice and wisdom as we sort this thing out. If you have a piece of your wedding that you would love to share  with us, please let us know!

Happy Wednesday, all.


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