Miah’s Giveaway #1: Starmark Bob-A-Lot Intelligence Toy

This giveaway item is near and dear to my heart, as it was one of Miah’s all-time favorite toys. Miah was an active and agile girl, and she spent much of her life running after balls and taking long walks with Ivan and me. When she started to lose the use of her back legs due to her illness, I knew I would have to find another means to keep her as active inside the apartment as she once was outside.

After a quick “intelligence toy” search on Amazon, I added the Starmark Bob-A-Lot to my cart and hoped for the best.

That purchase was two years ago, and Miah took to it like a fish to water. Once I realized how happy it made my smart little girl, I ordered a second for Ivan. It took him awhile to figure out how to roll the toy for the treats, but he eventually caught on.

I have to fight back the tears when I tell you all that Miah played with her toy up until the very last day of her life – and as it should be, I buried her with her toy so she would have it always. She couldn’t walk at all, and she could barely lift her head to roll the ball in front of her, but she was desperate to play with her Bob-A-Lot.


The wonderful people at Starmark Academy have donated this toy to offer our readers, and I am positive you’ll be impressed with how happy it makes your pup. It has two adjustable openings that can be set according to difficulty, and you can use any type of treat you want. I use regular dog kibble, and it works beautifully.

This giveaway is open until next FRIDAY, JULY 17th – good luck!!

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    1. We adopted our rescue dog, Artie three years ago. He loves all toys and going on adventures.

    1. I have a pug, who is 11 years old now, but still loves to play.

    1. We have 4 dogs – Karma, Cleo, Autumn and Cassi – they love toys and treats!!

    1. I have a sweet doggie man named Geno who is my son’s best friend. Geno is three years old,lots of energy and very gentle.

    1. Hi Alix, so sorry to hear about Miah’s passing, your post brought me to tears.
      I just adopted a 4 year old black greyhound named Rubble and he would LOVE this; we’re working on alone training and we’re figuring out things to keep him occupied.

    1. My dog’s name is Jasper and he is a German Shorthaired Pointer. Jasper loves any kind of toy AND any kind of food. He should like this a lot.

    1. Alix! You inspired me to rescue my baby girl , Arly! Right now she is loving her Kong with treats or peanut butter and her chuck it balls that she constantly chases around the house!!

    1. It’s one of those sad things knowing our best friends leave us so soon, but making them happy in life is what counts! My lovely boy use to love finishing my peanut butter jars; I’d save them up just for him.

    1. I think you know our Cruzie girl. :) She loves her disc. It’s the only toy she has had since she was a puppy. The rest she destroys.

    1. I am lucky enough to have 2 beloved rescue pups!! They are best friends and love the outdoors!

    1. Patton – you kinda know him, right? :)

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