Miah’s Giveaway #2: Animal Heart Pendants

This second giveaway is a sentimental one. When thinking about losing Miah, I didn’t know what the most personal method of preserving her memory would be. Paw print? Lock of hair? Tattoo? I wanted a keepsake, and was delighted when I came upon Animal Heart Pendants.


Animal Heart Pendants has a wide variety of pet pendants and keychains from which to choose, and can offer a custom image of your animal. Additionally, you can choose between a gold and silver finish. Now that I have perused their site, I am pretty sure my family knows what they are getting for Christmas.



Not only did Animal Heart Pendants offer one of our lucky readers a keepsake of their own beloved pet, but they additionally have put Miah on their website, with $10 of each sale going to Miah’s rescue organization, Save-A-Pet of Niagara County.  If you use the code “Save-a-pet” on any purchase, 20% will be donated to the rescue as well. I am so unbelievably grateful for all that they are doing to support not only Miah and Save A Pet, but also various other rescue organizations.

Check that page out HERE.

Not going to lie, I shed a tear when looking at that gorgeous face, and I can’t wait to wear her around my neck and close to my heart.


I want to thank Brenda at Animal Heart Pendant for her continued support and all that she does to support animal rescue organizations – a true kindred spirit. Make sure to visit her on Facebook, Twitter, and of course, the website.

So now, friends, this is your opportunity to win one of your very own custom Animal Heart Pendants (or go ahead, you can get one of Miah :) ) by just commenting below. This giveaway is open until next Friday, July 17th and one lucky reader will be drawn at random.

Good luck!! (Don’t forget to enter to win the Starmark Bob-A-Lot intelligence toy!! Also, Miah’s Legacy is still active – please consider donating by clinking the link in the sidebar!)

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    1. I love the pendants. I think my Sam may be the one.

    1. May your beautiful pup be waiting for you on the other side of the rainbow bridge :)

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