19 Things We Learn After Turning 30

Here goes nothing…I’m 31! See I can say it and nothing crazy happens, because I’ve learned it’s actually quite cool on this side of 30. I thoroughly enjoyed my 20’s but there’s been nothing like my 30’s thus far, and I imagine it’s only going to get better after I master this decade.



Here is a list of 19 things we learn after turning 30:

1. Your salary is great but 401K and health plans are where it’s at. When you hear your company is going to match your 401K contributions it’s a reason to celebrate! Two words: STOCK OPTIONS!

2. If you thought saving money was important in your 20’s, it’s even more so in your 30’s. Building up a savings account becomes increasingly important as time goes on.

3. The freshman 15 turns into the 30 at 30 if you’re not careful. Working out and taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle are literally going to add years to your life.

4. Following up on that, you learn the importance of doctors and dentist appointments.

5. It doesn’t matter what other people think about you. Cliques exist all over the place, but at this point you’re comfortable in your skin so live your life the best way you how to.

6. Life is full of ups and downs. If you have a run of bad luck you know the blue skies are just around the corner.

7. You finally understand that your parents really have been there, and realize you’ll soon deal with children who believe you were born as a 30 year old.

8. A savings account isn’t the only piece of savings you need, there will be several funds you create for other large purchases and expenses down the road.

9. You don’t need to be best friends with everyone. People will come and go through your life, so keep the important ones close to you and make sure they realize how you feel.

10. You don’t need to settle down in your late 20’s if you’re not ready, reaching 30 doesn’t confine you to the couch.

11. One of the most rewarding achievement is paying off credit cards and debt. If you know what I’m talking about give yourself a high-five.

12. If all of your friends aren’t getting married, it’s because they are all having babies.

13. Whenever you get carded you think to yourself, “still got it.”

14. Tums and Advil are actually your best friends, not a sign that you’re a quitter.

15. Whenever you get drunk you wake up the next morning with the same thought: “I’m never drinking again.”

16. Stretching is important. You might even want to stretch a couple times a day for no reason. You’re going to pull muscles and there is nothing you can do about it, so stretch a lot.

17. You immediately learn that everything you remember and liked happened 20 years ago, so be careful when saying “remember when…”

18.  Knowing how to cook is more than being able to make a sandwich or pasta, unless your pasta is with a homemade secret sauce.

19. You mastered your 20’s and that’s the sole reason you independently chose to be 30. :)

So, am I right? What have you learned (or are looking forward to) after you turned 30?


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