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Farm to table meets the Ritz Carlton in José Andrés’ latest culinary creation, America Eats Tavern. This Tysons Corner restaurant (opened this past summer) pays tribute to several American classics offering them up with a slightly more sophisticated flair. The American flags, historical menu options, and “We the People” written above the kitchen bleed red, white and blue. If you are in need of a little patriotism, you’ll get it. America Eats Tavern embodies the rich culinary history of the United States and succeeds with flying colors.



In Washington, DC, the next incredible restaurant opening is advertised monthly. With the metro now running through Tysons Corner, America Eats Tavern provides the area with a much needed boost in their food scene. This holiday season as many of us are rushing to meet our shopping needs in the neighboring mall, the Ritz Carlton should see an increase in dining traffic thanks in large part to this restaurant.


For starters, the drink menu is wonderful. If you’re not familiar with Virginia wine, you’ll have a great opportunity to learn since the restaurant offers several of the wines that are slowly putting Virginia’s vineyards on the map. There is no shortage of other wines from across the United States on the menu, but on this night we were showing more interest in the cocktail menu. Al started with the Endicott Pear, which hearkens back to former Governor John Endicott, while I ordered a traditional Moscow Mule. We recommend both of these drinks if you’re looking to start in the same direction.


The finest from New Orleans, New York, Maine, Virginia, and many more are all represented on the food menu. A starter that grabbed our attention right away were the Anchor Bar’s Buffalo Wings from Buffalo, NY in 1964. We both hail from Western New York making this  menu item a must for our next visit. On this night, we had Mac & Cheese on our mind so we went with Vermicielli’s version that pays homage to the original recipe handed out with Lewis Fresnaye’s pasta in 1802 (Philadelphia).


If you’re in the mood for a brunch favorite at dinner consider the Eggs A La Benedick (New York, 1894), accompanied by pork belly. This dish is a great twist on one of our most frequently ordered Sunday morning dishes. We were pretty stumped when looking at the rest of the menu with so many things were catching our hungry eyes. Instead of trying to stay healthy we went straight for the Fried Chicken with “Cold Slaw” (Gordonsville, VA, 1869) though the Burgers and Chicken Pot Pie offered additional temptations. 

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No meal is truly complete without dessert. A good dessert can be forgettable, while a great dessert can make the experience. I would never recommend Key Lime or Lemon Meringue Pie to anyone – until now. We had the opportunity to try several desserts and enjoyed both the Pumpkin Pie and Martha Washington Chocolate Cake,  but  I’ll only say this once – order the Key Lime AND Lemon Meringue Pie. You’ll thank me later.


Our entire evening was wonderful. America Eats Tavern provides an ideal date night or dinner out with friends. Make sure to rely on the servers for assistance, as they provided exceptional recommendations and some kitchen secrets. Atmosphere, service, quality, and the Red, White and Blue. Doesn’t get much better than that.


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    1. I visited America Eats Tavern a few weeks ago and had a great experience as well. I had just had fried chicken the week before, so I didn’t order it, but now I’m wishing I had! Looks great!

      1. What did you order? The chicken was good, but we actually wished the short ribs were available (all out that night) and though we were tempted to get the anchor bar wings, we didn’t because we were already so full. It was an awesome space though, glad we went!

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