Alexandria Times 2nd Annual Best of Alexandria: Our Picks

The deadline for the Alexandria Times 2nd Annual Best of Alexandria is today, so we decided to share some of our favorites with everyone. After reading ours let us know what some of your favorites are, especially to the ones at the bottom. Like many of you we haven’t been to every restaurant or shop in Alexandria, so our selections are based on our opinions. Feel free to let us know where we should go next…


Best Coffee Shop: Killer E.S.P.

Best Brunch: Union Street Public House  РWe love eggs benedict

Best Happy Hour: Flat Iron Steak and Saloon – The food and drink specials are tough to beat)

Best Fine Dining: Restaurant Eve

Best Cocktails: PX

Best Fast Casual: Bittersweet

Best Pizza: Del Ray Pizza – We do love Bugsys too, but the edge goes to DRP

Best Ice Cream: Dairy Godmother – From first bite, there was no doubt

Best Wine List: Society Fair – This was a tricky one with so many others chomping at the heels

Best Restaurant: Restaurant Eve – There are several great restaurants in Alexandria, but for now Restaurant Eve is in a different league)

Best Patio Dining: The Front Porch  РThough you might not dine, it was still our favorite

Best Pet Store: Dog Park – We stop every Sunday to pick up treats for the dogs after brunch

Best Business Old Town: Altura Wine & Gourmet – If you haven’t stopped into this shop on N. Patrick St. yet, it’s time to go. Edgar is one of our favorite owners in town


Let us know what your favorites were, especially on these categories:

Best Park

Best Spa

Best Trivia Night

Best Live Performance Venue

Best Antique Shop

Best Car Dealership


Best of luck to all your favorites!

Scott & Al

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