A Great Saturday Night: King St Blues Old Town Alexandria

King St. Blues will forever have a special place in my heart. I know, King St Blues, a southern comfort style restaurant with 3 beers on tap and only about 10 seats around the bar. Hear me out, because there is much more than a group of regulars at this bar and restaurant

King Street Blues - Comfort food with a southern accent





Many of us have a “Cheers” bar somewhere – this is definitely mine. It’s the one where everyone knows my name. After meeting Ian, the Saturday night bartender, we started going back whenever we could. You’ll get to know Ian quickly, and we’ll share more about our close friend later on. However, one thing I’ll say now is that Ian embodies the belief that sometimes good company from a bartender can make an entire experience.

As I said, King St. Blues is known as a bar and restaurant with a southern comfort feel. Downstairs is mainly designated as the bar, while the second and smaller upper floor is the dining area. From burger Mondays to the Elwood and Sister Mary (pulled pork and chicken), the menu is affordable and hits the spot. Classics such as hushpuppies, red beans and rice, and ribs are also included.  If you’re looking for a beer they have their own special brew, Yuengling, and the seasonal Sam Adams. Don’t pass up on a chance to try one of the mixed drinks though. On Saturday night when Ian is behind the bar, don’t hold back from just ordering a Kemba Walker and Clinton Portis to see his reaction (he loves all the Washington sports teams as well as the Connecticut Huskies). Ian will regularly create random drinks upon request, as well as the cocktail that was poured as the signature drink at my sister’s wedding.

I’ve taken both friends and family to this bar/restaurant and many of them have requested to go back. If you’re looking for a relaxing place to go with others during the week, this is your spot. On any Saturday you could have 5 people sitting around the bar or 30 people squeezing by for a drink, no matter what the atmosphere of the night.  Play a song on the Jukebox, have a drink, and enjoy yourself -you might even see us swing in to say hello.

I could go on and on and tell many stories, but for now I’ll just say if you haven’t been, give it a try. If it’s on a Saturday, tell them Scott and Al said hi!


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