Medina Welcomes Winter Storm Stella

Or maybe Scott is the only one who actually “welcomed” the storm. Just two days ago, I sat in my living room scoffing at the idea that Medina Central would close much before 6AM, if at all. “Why do we always get the bust, and not the boom scenario?” I wondered. By 7:30 Monday night,…

  • photo-1

    Snow Day

    Last year when Scott and I started dating, and as things progressed and we knew I would be moving to the area, we talked about how much fun it would…

  • 1607125_456625761126624_980380846_n

    Work Denial.

    That’s what this morning is like in a small apartment in Alexandria. I haven’t been to work in….awhile. After getting home late and nursing my poor old lady back, I…

  • IMG_2726

    Back to Reality

    Scott and I are back in Virginia, but I think we are both still stuck in what was our first (and most incredible) holiday season together. Home on the farm…

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