• medinafall-1

    Our Guide To Mastering Autumn In Western New York

    While the start of fall brings us a lot of excitement, it also is very challenging. This fall represents the first one with Alix back in the classroom and us officially…

  • thanksgiving -1

    Thanksgiving Favorites

    Turkey, pie, and stuffing – is there really anything else to think about? Though it’s sometime hard to remember, there are many things to enjoy during the Thanksgiving holiday other…

  • rebelthanksgiving-7

    A Rebel Thanksgiving

    Let’s face it – Thanksgiving away from family downright sucks. 2 years ago, we spent 11 hours trapped in a car during a brutal Thanksgiving snowstorm on our journey home.…

  • Carmines Thanksgiving

    8 Things To Do This Thanksgiving in DC

    Turkey, stuffing, pie, and so much more will fill many of our homes this Thanksgiving. As we spend our second straight Thanksgiving in DC, we’re looking forward to enjoying a…

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