• vintage-old-school-classroom-valerie-garner

    Back To School: Teachers, I’m Rooting For You

    It was 11:37 p.m. on Tuesday when I realized school was officially back in session. That was the exact moment we stapled the last plastic leaf onto a “happy first day”…

  • events-11599

    Drowning in a Sea of Poetry

    Hello, friends. I’ve emerged from two weeks of self-imposed silence. You see, I’ve never been good with compartmentalizing my professional life and my personal life. And perhaps that is why…

  • vintage-old-school-classroom-valerie-garner

    Back to School Blues

    It’s not that I don’t love my job – I truly do. But leaving the comfort of my bed far too early at the sound of the world’s most obnoxious…

  • DSCN1691

    Teacher Appreciation Week

    And it’s not JUST because I am a teacher. When I was younger, I ached to live my life on stage. I hated school, hated the bullies who tormented me…

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