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The New “DC” : DIY and Cocktails

At one time in our lives, we were a location – all things DC. Then we moved and became the Dating Couple. And after this weekend, it is safe to say that we have evolved once more and are now focused on all things DIY and Cocktails.  Between my love of home renovation and Scott’s…

  • verizon-1

    NYC, Here We Come!!

    Though Scott and I will always be faithful to DC, we are cheating a little this week and running off to NYC for a rendezvous in our other favorite US…

  • memorialday16-15

    TGIF: Life Versus Blogging

    If you’ve never written a blog, you might think it’s easy to just throw down some daily thoughts. Those who routinely write know it’s never that easy. We’ve hit one…

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