TGIF: Life Versus Blogging

If you’ve never written a blog, you might think it’s easy to just throw down some daily thoughts. Those who routinely write know it’s never that easy. We’ve hit one of those difficult times. This morning I signed on to take a look at a couple new posts, and realized over the last month we’ve…

  • events-11599

    Drowning in a Sea of Poetry

    Hello, friends. I’ve emerged from two weeks of self-imposed silence. You see, I’ve never been good with compartmentalizing my professional life and my personal life. And perhaps that is why…

  • Dead-poets-society-robin-williams-32089561-3000-2014

    A Legend Never Dies

    I came home tonight, exasperated and overwhelmed after the first long day back at work. I felt defeated, angered by the educational machine, and utterly exhausted with the amount of…

  • Summer Apart: Things Bound to Happen

    “Where’s my coffee, bitch!”  Though Al said this with love, it’s probably not something she’ll get away with this summer… As we’ve previously written, dividing and conquering everyday tasks is…

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