• IMG_2726

    Back to Reality

    Scott and I are back in Virginia, but I think we are both still stuck in what was our first (and most incredible) holiday season together. Home on the farm…

  • Wish List

    Starting in September, my mother starts hounding me for a Christmas list. And though it takes me until about Thanksgiving to get back to her, there are a few items…

  • Gift-Bouquet

    Two Weeks Until Christmas!

    And panic has ensued. I haven’t done a lick of shopping, though I have made lists from which to start the process. I didn’t do my puppy photo shoot, haven’t…

  • Secret Santa: Tricks of the Trade

    Secret Santa:  two words that offer more stress than actual excitement during the holiday season. I’m always in a gift exchange with my immediate family, which helps when there are…

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