• medinafall-1

    Our Guide To Mastering Autumn In Western New York

    While the start of fall brings us a lot of excitement, it also is very challenging. This fall represents the first one with Alix back in the classroom and us officially…

  • GeorgeBailey

    5 Affordable Holiday Date Ideas

    The holiday is here and all of our wallets are feeling the effects of the season. Just because dating can put further strain on your available funds, doesn’t mean there…

  • bing_crosby-white_christmas2

    Our 22 Favorite Christmas Songs

    The snow is soon to fall (we hope),  the tree is up, and our favorite Christmas songs are playing. There’s a lot of music that gets us in the holiday…

  • GeorgeBailey

    Holiday Favorites: Movie Quotes

    “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?” What are the lines that you quote from your favorite holiday movies? This quote from the movie Elf, and many others make not…

  • Scandal

    Weekend Recap: Scandal (ous)

    Scandal.  Our weekend consisted of laying low and feeding our appetites with unhealthy amounts of Olivia Pope and Associates. It wasn’t all Netflix, as we did a fair amount eating.…

  • IMG_2726

    Back to Reality

    Scott and I are back in Virginia, but I think we are both still stuck in what was our first (and most incredible) holiday season together. Home on the farm…

  • Santa Claus

    In 1897, Francis P. Church answered one of the lifelong questions of children around the world as he said, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.”   Today, as we…

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