• stormjonas-5

    The Winners of Winter Storm Jonas “Snowzilla”

    No matter where you grew up, snow storms aren’t something to be taken lightly. 6 inches of snow might garner a completely different reaction from people, but when blizzard-like conditions…

  • GeorgeBailey

    5 Affordable Holiday Date Ideas

    The holiday is here and all of our wallets are feeling the effects of the season. Just because dating can put further strain on your available funds, doesn’t mean there…

  • bing_crosby-white_christmas2

    Our 22 Favorite Christmas Songs

    The snow is soon to fall (we hope),  the tree is up, and our favorite Christmas songs are playing. There’s a lot of music that gets us in the holiday…

  • thanksgiving -1

    Thanksgiving Favorites

    Turkey, pie, and stuffing – is there really anything else to think about? Though it’s sometime hard to remember, there are many things to enjoy during the Thanksgiving holiday other…

  • BlackwallHitchALX-5

    13 Dining Lessons We’ve Learned

    Life is full of lessons, and over the last 2 years of penning this blog we’ve learned several. A dinner date used to be going to a restaurant and ordering…

  • 8 Reasons Why I Love Weddings

    Attending weddings can be expensive, time consuming, stressful, and an absolute epic event! I’ve attended weddings of friends, families, and for people I have never met before, because I really…

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