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  • GeorgeBailey

    5 Affordable Holiday Date Ideas

    The holiday is here and all of our wallets are feeling the effects of the season. Just because dating can put further strain on your available funds, doesn’t mean there…

  • redbricktown majestic Sept

    Join us for Happy Hour at the Majestic Cafe!

    Our #DCMinuteHH event was so wonderful at Brabo last month, we couldn’t help but schedule another get-together for a couple weeks from now! These events are clearly some of our…

  • Braborecap-1

    Recap: Happy Hour at Brabo

    We’ve attended memorable events and tried some delicious restaurants, but none of the incredible events have been able to surpass the remarkable people we’ve met through this blog. Though we…

  • Recap: Peter Pan 360

    Peter Pan – a mischievous boy who can fly and never grows up. It is a story that is familiar to children and adults alike and the magic is happening…

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