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It’s Saturday: 5 Reasons to be in Medina, NY

Thanksgiving is now a not-so-distant memory, and my pants are quite a bit tighter. After spending Black Friday pulling down totes and decorating for Christmas, we’re ready for the holiday kick-off in our small town.  It’s Saturday, one month before Christmas, and here are 5 reasons you should be in Medina, NY: Small businesses always deserve more credit than they…

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    DCMinute Happy Hour is BACK June 2nd!!

    The rain will eventually turn to sunshine and blue skies, and our next happy hour will be upon us. Organizing a kick-off to summer is a great excuse for all…

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    Dining Out For Life: When eating out is for a cause

    Dining Out For Life is a national event we’ve enjoyed supporting for the last 3 years. In short, the evening helps benefit HIV/AIDS organizations from funds raised by participating restaurants.…

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