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  • DCengagement3-45

    The 685th Minute: What We’ve Learned in 4 Years

    Our two month wedding anniversary is still a couple days away, but in the meantime we have another one to celebrate: four years ago, after several discussions, we published our…

  • diyandcocktails-1

    The New “DC” : DIY and Cocktails

    At one time in our lives, we were a location – all things DC. Then we moved and became the Dating Couple. And after this weekend, it is safe to…

  • alexandraelisephotography-7

    One Month Married!!!

    We did it!  We’ve made it to the first of a million milestones in our marriage. Though anniversaries are now reserved for annual celebrations, we are kicking it back to…

  • vintage-old-school-classroom-valerie-garner

    Back To School: Teachers, I’m Rooting For You

    It was 11:37 p.m. on Tuesday when I realized school was officially back in session. That was the exact moment we stapled the last plastic leaf onto a “happy first day”…

  • Image Credit: DC Fashion Fool

    I’m Dating a Married Man

    Guys – it finally happened. After 5 years together and 22 years of knowing each other, Scott and I became husband and wife last Saturday.  There. Are. No. Words.  There…

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