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Sneak Peek: Wedding Highlight Reel!!

After months of meticulously designing a single day, needless to say that after our wedding was over, we rejoiced in not having to talk about it. We love being married, but the opportunity to distance ourselves from the event and return to normalcy was much needed. However, getting our highlight reel a few weeks ago…

  • octoberinreview-7

    Life Lately and a Very Public Apology.

    When I was a little girl, my parents promised me that with every passing year, time would unavoidably quicken and life would flash by.  I was told this, but I…

  • diyandcocktails-1

    The New “DC” : DIY and Cocktails

    At one time in our lives, we were a location – all things DC. Then we moved and became the Dating Couple. And after this weekend, it is safe to…

  • alexandraelisephotography-7

    One Month Married!!!

    We did it!  We’ve made it to the first of a million milestones in our marriage. Though anniversaries are now reserved for annual celebrations, we are kicking it back to…

  • houseinwinter

    Long Time, No “Real” Talk

    Hello March. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Happy First Day of Spring! And oops – April 1st is just a few days away.  Where has the time gone? In brief: We’ve…

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